Tone of Voice

How to Create your Brands Tone of Voice

It’s difficult to get your message across, and more so, in the right way to your customers. It’s easy to sound like every other brand out there and it’s damn hard to stand out. This is where your tone of voice comes in to play.

Your brand voice is how you get the message across, not just what you say but how you say it. It is your businesses personality and how you express yourself. Your voice should be distinct, coherent and unique.  

You may have accidentally fallen into your tone of voice or have no awareness of it at this present moment, but the beauty is that it can evolve and change with your business. 

Using the power of language, your brand’s voice can help to influence and build trust with clients and customers, as well as help you to stand out from the crowd. Your voice is reflected in the language you use, whether it’s humorous, formal or informal, simplistic or poetic. The way that you use words and language will echo your brands personality.

There is an unfathomable power in the use of words that can influence and empower people to take action, be it on your website, social media or otherwise. Equally, your content can also put your customers off, for example, cooperate jargon or outright dull nonsense.

Your voice must be true to your businesses values, culture and personality, as well as the visual identity. People should read or see what you put out to the world and recognise it as you.

 I have created a worksheet for you to download here and fill out. This is going to help to apply your approach consistently to customers, colleagues and anyone else you work or collaborate with! You can then share this with your team at work to ensure they know your expectations and standards of communication.

 Worksheet Instructions

1.     Clarify and write out your top 3 values for your business.

Pick the three that particularly support your vision and mission and totally reflect the culture and what your business really stands for.

2.     Now think about how you communicate, or wish to communicate within your business and to your clients.

Is it formal or casual?

Humorous or serious?

Unbiased or heartfelt?

Outgoing or professional?

There are hundreds of adjectives to describe your tone of voice so get creative!

3.     Define the different types of people you communicate with in your business, internally and externally, such as clients, your boss, colleagues, suppliers and so on. How do you communicate with them? Do you communicate with different types of people in different ways?

 4.     You’re now going to take different words to describe your tone of voice, in various situations or with different people. Fill out the example responses to each. These include ‘write like this’, ‘not like this’ and then the reason, ‘why’. Keep in mind your values as you complete this to remain consistent and in alignment to your business. Repeat this task as many times for different people, situations or contexts as you like. You can see my example on the worksheet for more help!

As a branding and social media agency, we help businesses to find their voice, and to make them look phenomenal online. Contact us for more information on how we can help you in your business!