Get Noticed on Instagram

4 Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

Girl, we all know that as a small business it’s damn hard to stand out amongst Instagram’s perpetual mass of posts and stories. However, I’m here to tell you that you do not need millions of followers to stand out and get noticed.

Whether you have 20 or 20k followers, you can get your business noticed by using the below tips…. So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to start utilising Instagram’s features to attract customers to your business page and start turning your passion into profit.

1.     Get geo-tagging!

Boss Babe, it’s time for you to start geo-tagging your posts, if you don’t already do this! This furthers your reach by appearing in your local town or city story and you’ll appear in the location search. This will also let local people know where to find you, and if you’re frequently popping up, more and more people will be inclined to visit your store or business!

2.     First impressions are everything.

Girl, you do not have long to make a first impression on your Instagram page. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Your bio is like a 15 second pitch, so you must get clear and to-the-point on what you want to say.

Here are my must haves for a bio:

·      Clear, eye-catching image for your profile photo. The brighter, the better!

·      Set your page to a ‘business’ page if you haven’t already and make sure you fill out the category your business falls under, your website and at least one way of contacting you.

·      A short bio explaining exactly what you do, what your followers can expect from you and something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

·      Utilise your highlighted stories to show off what you offer & more about you!

3.     Hashtags. Some hate them, some love them, just like marmite.

I personally love them. You have a maximum of 30 hashtags that can increase your reach and expose your business to a much wider audience, however I usually use up to 20. I recommend doing 3-5 tags branded with your business name, and the rest should be relevant hashtags to your business, post or campaign.

4.     Quality over quantity #everydamnday

Boss Babe, your content matters and I cannot stress to you enough that the quality of the content going out on your page should outweigh the number of outgoing posts. Make sure that your posts are consistent, congruent and relevant. Images should be good quality, bright and on brand. Oh, and don’t overdo it on the filters.

If you want to know more, or to find out how I can help you to optimise your social media, email