Font Combinations

Gorgeous Font Combinations for your Brand.

Choosing the right typography is crucial when designing a brand. Your font choices should harmonise with your imagery, content, style, tone of voice and the overall feel of your business.

Fonts have personalities of their own, and they should 100% reflect the characteristics of your brand. Look for fonts that are in alignment with your business values. If your business oozes luxury, go for a gorgeous script or a serif font. Modern and clean branding works very well with sans serif fonts.

You can use font to improve the aesthetics on your website or branding, and getting it right will make a huge difference. Break up your website by having two complementary fonts, one for headers and one for ‘body’ text. Play around with the sizes, colours and spaces as they can dramatically enhance your website and complete your designs.

One thing we do ask you to remember when choosing a font…Never ever ever ever ever should one use Comic Sans. In the words of Regina George, ‘it’s social suicide’.

If you’re struggling to put together some font combinations of your own, see some of our Boss Babe Faves below.

abril .jpg