Logo Design & Branding: Trending in 2019


With 2019 well underway, not only does the new year bring new opportunities, new resolutions and fresh starts, the new year also brings us new trends that we’ll be seeing in the design world this year. It’s a great time for you to upgrade and rebrand your business, it’s a chance for you to refocus, re-evaluate and get up to date. Within the recent year or so, we’ve seen the likes of iTunes, Instagram, Burberry, GoDaddy, Rolling Stone, Mailchimp & many more brands bring their logo and branding up to date.

We’ve collated a whole load of the latest trends in the form of logos that we will be seeing throughout this year. We’ll take them all!


Back to the 80’s

Trends come round and round, and we’ve seen a lot of 80’s trends back recently. We’ve had Stranger Things which was set in the 80’s, scrunchies, bold colours and 80’s style fashion. The uprise of 80’s style logos, remind us of Saved by the Bell and we’ve collected a few for you to see!


Negative Space

The most known negative space logo has to be FedEx’s, the innovative design which has an arrow hidden between the E and X and the spoon in the word ‘Fed’ inspired millions. Using negative space can portray and convey messages, thoughts and visions in a discreet yet fun way. Designers are pushing the boundaries with the use of negative space, and we totally love the concept.


Geometry made cool.

Geometric logos are often dismissed as monotonous, and we can’t help but love the new kinda geometric designs that give the style a slap with colour, fun and creativity. Using shapes that may otherwise look dull alongside bright colours and playful layouts, geometry can look fantastic. Here are some great examples.


Hand-drawn & Illustrations

In a world where design has become highly digital, hand-drawn illustrations remain a traditional favourite. We’re all for beautiful, original hand drawn designs. They seem to give a sense of authenticity and honesty. Illustrations are incredibly versatile and customisable and can come in endless styles. We can see why they’re such a popular option.



This trend is modern, artistic and can ‘overlap’ with other trends - the use of overlapping colours, shapes and words can create negative spaces and geometric designs. The use of this style can create fun, bold and eye-catching designs, especially if you go hard on colours! Check out these gorgeous examples below.


Colour: go big or go home!

Colour is an inventive method for designers to tell stories and convey their message. Designers are starting to focus on using colour with purpose, intentionally using it to communicate stories to the consumer. There are unlimited ways to use colour, from the subtle to the grandeur, as well as countless colours and combinations to create the feel for your brand. Colour can be absent from your logo, but that’s not to mean that it cannot be present in your product, website or packaging.


2019 looks like it will be an interesting year for branding trends. We see back to basics with hand drawn illustrations, a colour revolution with overlapping and the use of gradients, and a rebrand for geometry. We’re excited to design with the trends and look forward to seeing what other designers create too!

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